How to get people to share your content

Creating a great content on social media does not necessary translates to you getting shares. If your want people to share your content, you need to do everything you can to make it happen. I am going to be sharing with you simple strategies you can use to get your community on your sharing bandwagon.

Create a great content: This is the very first step you should take to get people to share your content. You cannot possibly create a crappy content and expert that some magic would happen and people would share your content. If you understand what informs people’s decision to share other people’s content, you would know that most people are likely to share contents that resonates with them and at the same time provide value to their friends and family members.

Tag them : Include your community, don’t get too self involved in creating a great content that you forget to carry your community along. Tag them occasionally, people hardly ignore or discard any content with that has their name on it.

Ask nicely: If you want to get more share on your links, you can simply ask, there is no harm in asking people to share your content. And While you are asking, also remember to do it nicely.

Network with influencer : Having an influencer share your link can give your content that viral effect. Connecting and engaging with influencers should be an integral part of your social marketing strategy.

Design a custom built call-to-action: A catchy call-to-action would encourage your readers or prospective client to share your link without you actively persuading them.  A good tool to use to design a call to action is Linkgage, it adds your custom call-to-action to any page on the web which in turn allows you to engage your followers.