Retarget your Amazon store visitors on Facebook and Instagram

Retargeting is a powerful way to drive outside traffic to your Amazon store and products.

With Facebook retargeting for Amazon products, you can show Facebook ads to people who’ve visited your website or bought from you in the past.

Now imagine you are driving traffic to your Amazon product from Facebook and people land on your Amazon product page and leave without buying. Traditionally, there is no way to retarget such group of people again since Amazon does not allow you to add your Facebook retgareting pixels to each individual product page.

With Linkgage, you can add your Facebook retargeting pixels to your Amazon product page and retarget those who have visited your product.


To get started, simply create add your retargeting pixels from Facebook on Linkgage

After that, copy your product link and create a short URL;

Copy your generated short URL and paste it in the destination URL when creating your Facebook Ad

Now you have started building your custom audience as your ad is been  clicked.

You can monitor your stats on the Linkgage Dashboard.