How to change InstaLink Title & Design

You can change how your InstaLink profile will look including the title. It’s simply straight forward. First click on the design button.

On the next screen, you can change your InstaLink Title, Bio, Background Colours, Link Colours. The outcome will depend on your customization option.

How to add Retargeting Pixels to your InstaLink

Retargeting Pixel allows you target those that clicks on your links on social ads networks such as Facebook, Google Adwords, Twitter and LinkedIn. With Linkgage, you can easily add retargeting pixels to your InstaLink URL.  First Click on the “Edit Link” button as shown below;

You will then be taken to the default links editing page which you’re familiar with. From the “Manage Pixels” section, you can select your retargeting pixels to add to that InstaLink account. You can select multiple pixels if you want.

How to Create an InstaLink on Linkgage

InstaLink is an Add-on on Linkgage that allows you to have one unique link that can link multiple other links. This unique link is suited for social media networks such as Twitter, Instagram etc where you are allowed just one link in your account bio.

To get started click on the Instalink Menu under the Campaign menu

If you have not created any InstaLink, you will see a prompt to create your First InstaLink. After clicking on “Create Your First InstaLink”, a new link will automatically be generated for you which you can customize.